In the past year I've gotten a nice chunk of weborder work from our beloved Robert Bauer and (with his okay) I've decided to share some examples of the work I've produced for him.  The volume of work adds up fast and since I haven't had to deal directly with any clients, I've felt more confident to push things, experiment with technique and compositions etc.  Sometimes that means I'm redoing a face but most of the time, it's just led to more work from him.  I really appreciate the opportunities he's given me to just please myself first and surprise the client with a cartoony caricature they might not have been expecting.

Of course, sometimes I get the job because he doesn't want to draw a camel but that's a topic for another time ;)

For the technically minded, each image was created from sketch to finish in Photoshop with my trusty Graphire II pen.  Enjoy!

©2005 Lar deSouza.  All work was done for and it's clientele and is displayed here only in a fit of ego on my part.  Bridge may be icy.