Flash is one of those great graphic programs to have come along in recent years that allows people like me to indulge in a bit of extra fun with my art.  Flash can be used to create animations, web graphics, e-cards and even simple games.  Sometimes Flash allows me to do something, just because I can.

Here are a couple of Flash files I've developed for added fun and interest.

A great game for when you want to be on that 'Red Carpet' but don't want to wrestle with the crowds.  
Use your camera lens to snap and slap the camera shy stars!

We've always suspected there was more to Barbie's relationship.
This is an animation showing what can happen when I get too much spare time.
Imagine your friend's head on there!  Interested in a specialized flash-card for a special someone?
Contact me and let's discuss the possibility!

An interactive Flash toy that lets you combine over 50 stars features to create new and funny faces!

All animations and art are original and ©2002 Lar deSouza.  Files are not to be redistributed without permission or used for profit.  
Flash code is courtesy of Gary Rosenzweig and his most excellent book "Macromedia Flash 5 ActionScript For Fun and Games"
Point nozzle away from face.